82-TLM Traffic Light Control Card for Through Traffic and Air Lock Control

If you need to install traffic lights that have

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82TLM provides a N/O relay that closes when the door operator is in the fully closed position. It may be used as an sally port interlock or to interlock any device that requires the door to be in the closed position.

Provides terminals to operate red/green through traffic lights where it is desired to know the door is fully opened before proceeding through.

Terminals provided may also be used to operate security, heating or other 5V to 240V devices up to 5 amps.

Expansion port is included for the

Addition of 8070 Auto Lock, 871FS, or 871 input

Expansion modules.

Trough traffic light terminals:

Red Light N/O Relay closes when door is in any position other than fully open.

Green Light N/O Relay closes when door is in fully open position.



Wiring requirements:


Power requirement:


Mounting type:

Plug in

Terminal plug:

2 Position Dual Direction slide in plug

4 Position Dual Direction slide in plug

Operating temp:13 deg F to + 149 deg F

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