82-DTLM Dock Traffic Light Control Card with Leveller Interlock

If you need to install traffics lights that have “Red Light Open

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82DTLM provides a N/O relay that closes when the door Operators in the fully opened position.

It may be used as a dock interlock or to interlock a door that shares the same track system.

Provides terminals to operate red/green driver communication traffic lighting where mechanical dock levellers are used.

Terminals provided may be used to operate security, heating or other 5V to 240V devices up to 5 amps.

Interlocking 120V/240V device control circuits higher than 5 amps requires the addition of the ZA0192 Slave Relay Kit. Expansion port included for the addition of 8070 autoLock,871-FS, or 871 input modules.



Wiring requirements:


Power requirement:


Mounting type:

Plug in

Terminal plug:

2 Position Dual Direction slide in plug

4 Position Dual Direction slide in plug

Works with:

All Commercial ZAP Controllers

871 Interface expansion module


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